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Synthetic peptides are widely used for the following purposes:

Biochemical Drug

Peptide drugs are either naturally-occurring peptides or altered natural peptides. There are many naturally-occurring peptides that are biologically active. If a patient does not naturally produce a peptide that they need, this peptide can be synthesized and given to them. In addition, the amino acids in an active peptide can be altered to make analogues of the original peptide. If the analogue is more biochemical active than the original peptide it is known as an agonist and if it has the reverse effect is known as an antagonist.


Diagnostic Peptides

Peptides can be designed that change color under certain conditions, and these can be used for diagnostic purposes.



Peptides are used in immunology studies to measure the antigenic response. KLH-conjugated peptides are used to elicit an immugenic response


Toxicology Studies 

Peptides found in toxins/ poisons of various organisms are researched for possible anti-venom applications



Research for artificial hormones using peptides is carried out in various branches of biochemistry


NMR Research 

Structural studies of proteins and peptides of biological interest are carried out using NMR


Animal Biology Studies 

Effect of peptides on various bodily functions of animals



Peptides like GHK-Cu, Argireline, Matrixyl are regularly used in cosmetics



Peptides can mimic protein segments and be used as probes to study protein-protein interactions