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Acinopeptide take EHS as an integral part of our business, operations and practices. We believe EHS management is our responsibility to the world we live, which is vital to sustainable development of our company, economy, pollution prevention and social responsibility.

Environment, Health & safety (EHS) target

ZERO healthy injury.

ZERO safety accident.

ZERO environmental pollution.


Environment, Health & safety (EHS) management system


Environment, Health & safety are considered to be a tangible value creation wherefore the reliance of the customers, business partner and shareholders is amplified. The company has established the HSE committee and department to ensure the HSE management according with the inner HSE Specifications as well as meeting the ISO9001:2000 Quality requirement.


Emergency Aid Management

The company has sufficiently prepared for the indigenous emergency risk existing in the chemical manufacture. The company has established an emergency organization so as to deal with the accident and emergency. Various self-saving activities can be developed before the professional persons come to the site, therefore, it can reduce the accidental damage toward person, material, facility and environment to the rock bottom.


Environment, Health & safety (EHS) performance

We assess the performance by proper procedure and the current international Specifications in chemical industry. 


Production in security

Safety first, and prevention first. We put the personnel safety into the first level all the time. Safety is the duty for all stuff, and everyone is basically responsible for the safety and health on their job. The company has found the specific HSE organization to have the safety measure in the work program implemented and consummated step by step. The company established an exclusive HSE department to ensure that the implementation and continuous improvement of security measures in working plans.

Knowledge is the guidance to action. Only by enhancing the security awareness can employees behave with self conscious. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to employee training which can improve their security quality to realize normalization of process measures as well as to reduce job injuries. 


Energy and Water 

The company's main consumption of energy resources is liquid fuel and electricity. The utilization of heat energy generated itself is also a small part of its resource, which is obtained by incineration of hydrogen and a few byproducts recycled in manufacturing process.

Water usage is divided in two main classes: process Water and non-contact cooling Water. All Water used is the municipal administration running Water. The process Water is only 10% of the total fresh Water consumption. 


Waste Gas & Waste water 

The company adopts advanced technology to process waste gas. The gas from manufacturing process is treated by on-line installations. All of these installations together with production installations are furnished with chain protective facilities. When on-line installations go wrong, the production installations will stop automatically and so will the gas emissions. Thus the efficient treatment of all gas emission is ensured. The company invested to set up a waste Water treatment system and has got efficient results.


Transport Safety

Select transportation subcontractors with proper competency and official permission, according to the physical & chemical properties/hazard class of our products.Provide

Material Safety Data Sheets(MSDS) to driver for emergency reference. 

Support the prevention of incidents or accidents occurring during the transport of chemicals to or from Lianhe chem-tech's facilities, or during the related loading or unloading

of chemicals at these premises. 

Make product classification and defines the labeling and packaging requirements according to the national and international regulations and legislation. 

Give advices on safe and environmentally compatible means of transport.

Assess transport risk for highly hazardous chemicals transportation.


Culture of EHS

It is still too many even if there's only one accident

All accidents and profession disease are preventable

Safety is the primary responsibility of the production and management

All operation can be controlled

Supervisors are responsible for training of every employee to operate safely

To provide safe working environment 

Correct security awareness, attitude and behavior is one of the working requirements

Safety is the duty of everyone.

Working in a safe way is one of the employment conditions.