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WHY CHOOSE ACINOPEPTIDE                                                         http://www.acinoeptide.com                                                      



At Acinopeptide, we utilize the latest technology to synthesize our custom peptides. Our experience
and instrumentations enable us to be efficient both in terms of time and cost which, in turn, translate
to faster delivery and better price for our customers.



High Success Rate: Our expert scientists have extensive experience in handling the most challenging
peptides with high yields and minimum reaction failure rate.

Cost- performance

Economic Pricing : Our peptide pricing is highly competitive, especially when you factor in the industry
leading quality and service we offer.



Quality Standards : All our peptides come with 100% quality guarantee. If our product does not meet
with the specification that you ordred, we will replace it immediately free of charge.



Quality Control : All peptides synthesized by us have to pass our stringent quality control steps. With
each synthetic peptide we provide analytical HPLC chromatogram and Mass spectrum to prove the
desired purity and identity of the peptide respectively.  



Diverse Modification Options : We offer various peptide modification services including acetylation,
amidation, disulfide linkage, biotinylation, phosphorylation, fluorescein, fatty acid labeling and MAP
peptides. In addition to this you can customized your desired modification