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High Quality Peptide For Industry And Research Applications

Acinopeptide has a team of expert professionals using solid phase and solution phase chemistries by employing Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies for the design and production of peptides for industry & research purposes. It’s the best place for you to outsource your routine peptide needs. Acinopeptide offers a range of peptide services from small research scale to large scale synthesis.


 Both small and large scale peptide synthesis ranging from milligram to multigram.

 Peptides purity range to suit customer requirement.

 Peptides available with various modifications.

 Peptides are synthesized by Fmoc chemistry on the CS Bio automated multiple peptide synthesizer.

 Free personalized non-obligatory technical consultation.

 Currently the shipping is at no extra charge within India.

 Complete customer confidentiality.

 Fast, on time delivery.


Acinopeptide devoted to the following product & Service

Pharmaceutical Peptide

cosmetic peptide,

catalogue peptides

Antimicrobial Peptides

Couping Reagent

Linkers for Solid Phase synthesis

Crosslinking Reagents

Amino Acid Derivatives

Protecting Reagents

α-Amino Acids

β-Amino Acids

β-Homo Amino Acids 

Peptide custom synthesis

Peptide Modification

Peptide Analytical Services

Amino & derivatives synthesis

Other products