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As with any company or organization, a set of values defines the way we work and the way we act as a constant quality in an ever changing world. Whatever the situation or task involved, these beliefs and values make up the ethical character of a company and help characterize its standards and its position in both society and the world of business around it. Acinopeptide has traditionally maintained a clear and high standard of corporate responsibility, standing by its values of integrity, honesty and fairness in running its global business. Consequently, Acinopeptide makes its decisions always with the following aspects of corporate responsibility in mind:


 Serving our customers with high quality products and services

 Providing value to our investor

 Being a safe and reliable member to our Company

 Protecting the environment around us

 Complying with both government laws and regulatory authorities


Acinopeptide’s customers are the lifeblood of its business and we strive to offer the highest quality products and services to the biochemical industry. As part of the Acinopeptide business model, the company supports the development of new drug discovery all the way from their early stage inception and development, onward to their clinical testing and market approval and finally in their later life cycle as mature or generic products.


Between the required raw materials and our final products is the diligent and professional work of our employees. Only by maintaining a high standard and quality of staff can Acinopeptide compete in the global marketplace and innovate to serve the future needs of the industry. Therefore, Acinopeptide seeks to provide a motivated and positively minded workforce who give their best every day and feel proud to work for Acinopeptide. The company adheres to its principles of fairness and honesty as well as offering employees an attractive working environment and compensation model.


Our efforts to increase safety at the workplace, to improve the health protection of employees and to protect the environment in the Acinopeptide is based on two fundamental beliefs: We regard safe workplaces without any risk to health and a careful handling of resources, as well as the avoidance of environmental risks, as a precondition for the long-term commercial success of our company.