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Acinopeptide Co., Ltd is a promising, technology-innovation-oriented, international biochemical company, which manufactures high-quality peptide and amnos at very competitive prices. We follow sound economic and ecological principles, comply with relevant international regulations, and are committed to building a reliable partnership with both customers and employees.

Acinopeptide plays an active role on the peptide supplying chain, with current emphasis on the markets of industrialized countries. We aim to be market leader of peptide. In our speciality fields, thanks to an innovative approach to development of new peptide products and technical processes. We offer our customers a high-class combination of products and technical services.

To reach our aims we have well-trained, motivated and responsible employees, who are given the power to make decisions in their respective areas of responsibility. We offer our co-workers an excellent program of mid- and long-term vocational training, and participation in a profit-linked bonus scheme.

We are fully committed to equal-opportunity employment.

With our policy of open communication we aim to promote trust both internally and externally.
We take our social responsibility seriously by putting a higher priority on secure jobs and apprenticeships than on maximizing profits.
We place a strong emphasis on safety and environmental protection.
We play an active role in society, cultivating a good relationship with authorities, professional societies and the public, and providing appropriate support for scientific and cultural events.