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ABOUT ACINOPEPTIDE                                                                             http://www.acinopeptide.com                                            

Acinopeptide Co., Ltd is a promising, technology-innovation-oriented, international biochemical company, which has been manufacturing peptide molecules since 2000 and has over 10 years experience in peptide Synthesis.We focus exclusively on the process development and the manufacturing of peptides. We manufacture peptides for use in biochemical Research, Immunology, and Histology and as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

Our principle scientists have over 20 years experience in peptide chemistry and other related research areas. Expertise in using different chemical methodologies developed through many years experience has given Acinopeptide’s chemists an understanding necessary when synthesizing difficult biological peptide molecules. With this competitiveness, we can provide full service of peptide to the pharma and biotech industry.

Acinocps is the largest band of Acinopeptide, which has been supplying custom synthesis peptides to many leaders life science research for many years. Our responsive customer service and highly qualified technical support scientists are ready to assist you with any requirements for your project.

Acinopeptide can help our customers all over the world to reduce the cost of research, by supplying them peptides with the best price and short delivery time while maintain excellent quality standard. Acinopeptide is your first choice for all your research peptide requirements. So for your next project don't forget to contact us for the product cooperation.

  Acinopeptide has more than 10 years of experience in peptide research
  Excellent expertise in peptide chemistry and organic synthesis
  Efficient manufacturing processes
  Chinese Labor cost & Raw material cost
  Acinopeptide sets industry standards